Claire’s Success Video

Claire and her parents talk about the many changes they have seen from Vision Therapy. Claire now loves to read, is able to play quarterback on her football team and has risen to the top of her class. Her parents, who are both in the education field, could not be happier for her. Congratulations Claire on all of your success!

Video Games and Lazy Eye

According to a new study, playing video games can be good for your eyes.  A recent study from McGillUniversity in Montreal shows visual acuity improvement in adults with amblyopia by playing the video game Tetris.  Now before all you adults…

My, What Big Eyes They Had!

Did Neanderthals become extinct because of the size of their eyes?  A new study suggests that could very well be the case.  According to the study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, a Neanderthal’s eyes were approximately 6mm larger…


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