Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Strabismus Surgery

If your eye doctor is recommending strabismus surgery for a turned eye(s), please consider asking these questions before making the decision.

1.)    Is success expected after one surgery, or is it likely that two or more surgeries will be needed?

2.)    What are the chances that the eyes will function (tracking, 3D awareness, focusing) together in a typical way after surgery?  Is the goal of surgery only for cosmetic improvement?

3.)    If the eyes are straighter after the surgery, will the eyes remain straight or is there a possibility that the eye will turn in or out, up or down at a later time?

4.)    Is there a possibility that the eyes will look worse after the surgery or that the eye will deviate in the opposite direction?

5.)    If amblyopia is present, will surgery increase the acuity or just straighten the eye?

6.)    Will there be improved binocular depth perception (stereopsis)?

7.)    What are the health complications or risks (i.e. infection, risk of anesthesia, and need for subsequent surgeries)?

8.)    Is there a risk of diplopia, headaches, eye strain developing after surgery?

9.)   Will glasses still be needed after the surgery?

10.)    Will the surgeon do a prism adaptation test to see if surgery will be successful?


Additional resources:

Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist’s Journey into Seeing in Three Dimensions by Susan R. Barry

*This list was compiled from