Vision Therapy

Can You See 3D?


Most of us have been to a 3D movie.  It’s hard not to with all of the movies being released in 3D.  We have been amazed by the characters popping off the screen or the shark swimming right towards us.  But what happens if it doesn’t look like it’s popping off the screen?  Do you wonder if the glasses are defective?

Approximately 12% of all viewers will be unable to appreciate 3D movies.  Of those who can see the 3D, some will get headaches and other uncomfortable side effects.

We frequently hear new patients complain of their headaches, dizziness and disinterest in 3D effects. Just last week I was working with an adult patient who shared the following story:

“I brought my daughter to see a 3D movie last summer.  After 10 minutes I thought, this is a waste!  The movie appeared double, blurry, and definitely not 3D.  The distorted images gave me a headache that lasted all day.”  It has been fun to see that after just a few weeks of therapy he is already noticing 3D during our in office activities.  He is looking forward to taking his daughter to a 3D movie this summer, free from headaches and double vision.

If this scenario sounds familiar and you are also unable to see the 3D, or can only tolerate it in small amounts, we recommend an evaluation with a behavioral optometrist to determine if you have a binocular disorder.

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