Success Stories Vision Therapy

Ladder to Success with Vision Therapy

“Success is a ladder that you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets.”


Every day we have the pleasure of working with phenomenal people of all ages.  The majority of these people are children in elementary school whose parents have found vision therapy to help them reach their full potential. Oftentimes these children struggle with reading, writing, learning, as well as, depth perception, and may even see double at near. If you’re curious about the benefit of vision therapy for your child’s visual system, take the symptom’s checklist here.

Today we want to showcase one of our phenomenal patients. TJ is an 11 year old boy who just completed his vision therapy program.  He was kind enough to share with us a paper he had written for school.  The assignment was to find a quote that you could relate to your life. The quote written above was his choice.  Here’s what he had to say about it and how it relates to his vision therapy program:

The quote that I chose is: Success is a ladder that you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets.  What I noticed about that quote is you cannot give it your halfhearted best.  The reason I like that quote was because it reminded me that not everything is going to be easy or simple. Some things you may have to work for in order to finish.  The story of when I had to use effort is my vision therapy.

When I was in Elementary School I would always do really well on the Math MAPS’s and the MCA’s (standardized tests in Minnesota schools) but not too well on the reading MAP’s and MCA’s.  Which led to my family figuring out that I had convergence insufficiency.  Convergence insufficiency is when your eyes don’t turn inward properly while you are focusing on a nearby object.  When this happens your eyes don’t track together.

I started vision therapy in June 2013. The place where I go is located in Bloomington, MN.

For 50 weeks I have spent 6 days a week doing 4 to 5 eye exercises.  A few of the exercises that I have done ball tap, I also learned all 43 presidents through pictures and some words.  On Thursday I go to the office in Bloomington for one hour to see and do more to improve.

Some results of doing the vision therapy are I like to go to the library more often.  Reading is more fun. Sometimes I stay up late reading under my covers with my flashlight. I never used to do this.  It is easier to process what I have read in my books.  Also my eye-hand coordination is much easier in tennis, soccer, golf.

Overall I have spent more than 120 hours working towards finish vision therapy.

Vision Therapy is like climbing a ladder.  I have finished it by climbing it one rung at a time.  I didn’t climb it with my hands in my pockets.  It took a lot of effort to complete the whole program.

What a great way to say it TJ!  Congrats to you on all your great progress from Vision Therapy.