If it’s your first time to The Vision Therapy Blog, WELCOME! We’re glad you stopped by.  We have been working on building our content about Vision Therapy for the last couple years.  Today we are excited to launch our first VLOG (a video blog).

Susie, an adult patient at the Minnesota Vision Therapy Center, has offered to share in her Vision Therapy journey with you. Susie’s daughter, who was struggling with reading, started a Vision Therapy program 15 weeks ago. As Susie watched her daughter’s visual system improve, she wanted to see if it could help her, too. Join Susie as she discusses her struggles and successes with her visual system.

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Holiday Gift (EYE)deas

christmas baubles

Looking for that last minute stocking stuffer? The Vision Therapy Blog pooled our resources again this year for favorite games and activities that will help develop basic skills for: visual processing, fine-motor, eye-hand coordination and much more. Enjoy! Share!  …

Let it Snow!!!

illuminated christmas trees

Shelly who came to MVTC with lazy eye (amblyopia) and little to no binocularity (Exotropia), was hoping to improve her depth perception (3D). She made huge progress during her program. Some of her successes include: -No more migraines, which used…

Vision Therapy Success Stories

Vision Therapy patients and their parents share their success stories in this video montage.  They talk about frustrations with school, reading, migraines, double vision and more. After discovering that the root issue holding them back was visual they did a vision therapy program and their lives have been changed for the better.



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