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Fun Online Games to Boost Visual Skills

There are a lot of “board” games out there that now have free versions to play online.  We use several of these games in conjunction with our therapy program and wanted to make them accessible to you at home.  Some of them are even better and more convenient than the hands-on version.  Clicking on the name or picture should take you right there. Enjoy!

Rush Hour:






Spot it:

spot it







Double Shutter Math Game:

double shutter











Another great website that is just loaded with lots of great games that can enhance visual perception and hand eye coordination can be found at:

Learning Games For Kids


Here are some of our favorites:

Eyesight Challenge – works on visual figure ground through hidden pictures

Jumping Arrows – works on directionality and eye hand coordination

Ball Separation – works on tracking and eye-hand coordination

Labyrinth – works on eye-hand coordination

Tetris – works on visual spatial relationships, directionality, and eye hand coordination

Simon – works on visual memory through pattern recognition

Fruit Match – works on visual memory through matching


Have fun!


Disclaimer: These games are not intended to be a substitute for Vision Therapy but to enhance concepts and practices done in correlation with therapy.

*We are not affiliated with any companies or websites mentioned in this post.

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