How to stop bedwetting without drugs

One of the things that I often hear after we work with the Spinal Galant primitive reflex in a vision therapy program is that the bedwetting that had been plaguing the child for many years had suddenly disappeared.

Parents were of course thrilled with the results of their vision therapy programs as well as the elimination of the bedwetting, but it was a great relief to these children (usually boys) as it was very embarrassing to wake up with a wet bed. It opened up whole new worlds for them as they could now go on sleepovers and camp without fear of embarrassment.

The Spinal Galant reflex is stimulated when the sides of the lower spine are stimulated by running a finger or pointer down the sides of the lower spine near the hips. A retained Spinal Galant reflex will present with a rotation or even collapse of the hip on the side of the stimulation if the participant is on their hands and knees.

Control of the bladder can be affected by a retained Spinal Galant reflex since stimulation of the back area can cause the bladder to let loose, especially when the child is sleeping and not conscious to control the impulse.

These children are also often very wiggly and fidgety when trying to sit in a chair because the Spinal Galant reflex is constantly being stimulated by the back of the chair.

Fortunately, testing for and integrating the Spinal Galant reflex is a very straight-forward process which can be accomplished at home. To learn more about the Spinal Galant and other primitive reflexes, please click here.