Vision Therapy

Confident, Happier Kids! Vision Therapy Success

Laura recently completed her vision therapy program.  When she came to us she had double vision and was getting a lot of headaches.  Now, her headaches are less frequent and she hasn’t had double vision in months.  She was great fun to work with and we will miss seeing her every week.  Here is Laura’s success story, as told by her parents:


“When we first came to Minnesota Vision Therapy Center, Laura’s eyes weren’t teaming together.  We had her vision checked previously and found her vision appeared fine, but she always had an eye that would look off to the side, off into the distance.  We, then, were referred to Dr. Mowbray.  Upon Dr. Mowbray’s exam, we learned of so many indicator’s, that through Laura’s life, had we recognized were different, we could have started this process so much sooner than we did.

iStock_000009703233MediumWe learned that when Laura was a toddler, the fact that she never crawled – she scooted across the floor – was an indicator that her brain & eye function weren’t working together as it should. 

Doing the exercises every day for 10 months was difficult at first.  It’s a huge commitment, not only for the parents, but for the child as well.  At the end, Laura, wasn’t fussing about the exercises, she actually found them fun. Her favorite was “bunting” and the computer games. 

During the last 10 months, we’ve seen improvements in the way her eyes team but also, she doesn’t get headaches as much, her eyes don’t hurt, she seems happier, more confident, she takes initiative, her comprehension has improved and her attitude has improved overall in ways we never thought vision therapy would affect.

Our time spent weekly was a positive experience for both us and Laura. We are so grateful that our optometrist recommended that we contact the wonderful, caring people that we met through Minnesota Vision Therapy Center.

Thank you, so much!”



Congratulations Laura on all your success. We wish you the best in your future!