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Helen’s Vision Therapy Journey

helen school picI want to share Helen’s vision therapy journey with you.  Helen was a third grader who was falling behind in school when she came to Minnesota Vision Therapy Center for an initial testing. Her dad said reading was extremely difficult and she had low reading comprehension.  She had additional symptoms associated with her diagnosis, Convergence Insufficiency.    By the mid-way point of her vision therapy program, her reading had vastly improved and homework was going much better with Helen becoming more independent with her school work.  Her dad said she exceeded expectations on scores for standardized tests at school.

Helen completed her vision therapy program this week.  As a fourth grader, she is continuing to improve her reading fluency and reading comprehension.  Her math has also improved!  Helen is a delightful, confident girl who worked diligently throughout her program with the support of her family.  I will miss you, Helen, but I know you will succeed as you continue your school years!     -Ann, COVT

Helen drawing