Success Stories

Let it Snow!!!

illuminated christmas trees

Shelly who came to MVTC with lazy eye (amblyopia) and little to no binocularity (Exotropia), was hoping to improve her depth perception (3D). She made huge progress during her program. Some of her successes include:

-No more migraines, which used to happen frequently
-Ability to align her eyes now, before her right eye used to drift out
-Is now using her lazy eye, so notices things on her right side now which she didn’t before

But best of all!

She called yesterday to report how amazing seeing in 3D is! For those of you who have read Susan Barry’s Book, “Fixing My Gaze”, Shelly had her own experience of what Sue describes so well in her book.

“…The snow was falling lazily around me in large, wet flakes. I could see the space between each flake, and all the flakes together produced a beautiful three-dimensional dance. In the past, the snow would have appeared to fall in a flat sheet in one plane slightly in front of me. I would have felt like I was looking in on the snowfall. But now, I felt myself within the snowfall, among the snowflakes. Lunch forgotten, I watched the snow fall for several minutes, and, as I watched, I was overcome with a deep sense of joy. A snowfall can be quite beautiful- especially when you see it for the first time.” – p. 124

Congratulations Shelly on all your sucess. We’re so happy for you and glad you can appreciate the snow in a whole new way!

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