Success Stories

Let it Snow!!!

Shelly who came to MVTC with lazy eye (amblyopia) and little to no binocularity (Exotropia), was hoping to improve her depth perception (3D). She made huge progress during her program. Some of her successes include: -No more migraines, which used to happen frequently -Ability to align her eyes now, before her right eye used to […]

Success Stories Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye and Vision Therapy Success!

Mia recently completed her Vision Therapy program.  She is a 13 yr old who was diagnosed with Lazy Eye (Amblyopia).  We are proud to share her success story! Mia said Vision Therapy has helped her in numerous ways including her peripheral awareness, coordination, and spatial awareness.  She’s more confident in Gym class when catching a […]

Vision Therapy

Video Games and Lazy Eye

According to a new study, playing video games can be good for your eyes.  A recent study from McGillUniversity in Montreal shows visual acuity improvement in adults with amblyopia by playing the video game Tetris.  Now before all you adults with lazy eyes run off and start playing Tetris on your phone, I should note […]