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Lazy Eye and Vision Therapy Success!

mia drawing pic

Mia recently completed her Vision Therapy program.  She is a 13 yr old who was diagnosed with Lazy Eye (Amblyopia).  We are proud to share her success story!

Mia said Vision Therapy has helped her in numerous ways including her peripheral awareness, coordination, and spatial awareness.  She’s more confident in Gym class when catching a ball, and she doesn’t trip when walking up the steps.

Mia and her parents are also excited that she can now enjoy 3D movies!


mia drawing close up

“Mia was an awesome kid to work with!  It was really rewarding to watch her depth perception develop over the course of her program.  I’m so happy for her and proud of the hard work she put into her Vision Therapy.” – Mindy, Mia’s Vision Therapist


**Mia is the artist of this wonderful drawing


Congratulations Mia on your success!


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