Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy Success Story from a Mother’s Perspective

Gabby just completed her vision therapy program in the past week.  She has more confidence now heading into the fifth grade at her school.  Here’s what her mom had to say about Gabby’s significant improvements:

pha203000057“Gabby has gained so many different skills and has improved in so many ways over this past year of going to vision therapy.

The first noticeable change was her ability to ride her bike.  This is huge for her because it gives her some freedom and it’s an exercise she can do like all of her peers.

 Reading also became easier and we noticed she was able to focus better without having to stop, find her place, and restart all of the time.  We heard after about a month, “this eye therapy is really working,” as she was reading and we continue to hear it.

Overall, it has given her confidence.  She feels that she’s a better reader and she knows she has the skills now to do better at school.  Gabby memorizing the presidents was a very powerful exercise in building her confidence and for us, too. 

 I am sure there have been many gains that I cannot see, but that Gabby experiences and we are so thankful for all that she has learned and developed.”


Congratulations on all your success Gabby! We hope you have a great 5th grade year.