3D Movies: Public Service Announcement

From COVD: College of Optometrists in Vision Development

3D movies are fun and exciting if you have 3D stereo vision. But, did you know that nausea during or after a 3D Movie could be the sign of a vision problem? Check out this Public Service Announcement video below

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Gosh, I thought it was only me. I have always had trouble with anything 3-D and a trip to the Imax makes me nauseated. Glad to know I am not alone.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for stopping by our blog. You are definitely not alone. Hopefully you found this video helpful and can share it with others that you find may be having similar issues. Sometimes people don’t even realize what the 3D is supposed to look like as both eyes aren’t working together at all. Sounds like yours are trying to but it’s a lot of work! Take care and maybe avoid those Imax theaters for now.

Very important post! If you have problems viewing 3d movies, it’d be good to go get your eyes checked and not see 3d movies until you’ve gotten the OK from the doctor.

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