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Let it Snow!!!

Shelly who came to MVTC with lazy eye (amblyopia) and little to no binocularity (Exotropia), was hoping to improve her depth perception (3D). She made huge progress during her program. Some of her successes include: -No more migraines, which used…

3D Movies: Public Service Announcement

From COVD: College of Optometrists in Vision Development

3D movies are fun and exciting if you have 3D stereo vision. But, did you know that nausea during or after a 3D Movie could be the sign of a vision problem? Check out this Public Service Announcement video below

For more information visit: covd.org


What is Vision?

“I know my child is smart but something is holding her back. We have tried everything to help her.  She still doesn’t like to read, homework is a battle, and she works harder than everyone else. I never thought it…

Can You See 3D?

  Most of us have been to a 3D movie.  It’s hard not to with all of the movies being released in 3D.  We have been amazed by the characters popping off the screen or the shark swimming right towards…


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