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How to Know if Your Three-Year-Old is Behind in Visual Development

Visual development in children is extremely important in producing good gross motor development, fine motor development, and to achieve the proper cognitive stages for child development.  Children with poor vision development will often exhibit learning problems when they start grade school and may tend to be clumsy and disorganized.

So it’s important to know if your preschooler is on track for good visual development or if they are tending to lag behind.

Three-year-old preschoolers should be able to perform the following motor tasks:

  • String beads
  • Copy a circle and cross
  • Build with blocks – making towers or three piece bridges
  • Change directions sharply when walking
  • Catch and throw large balls
  • Ride a tricycle
  • Walk down stairs
  • Hop on one foot

They should also be able to perform the following cognitive tasks:

  • Repeat three digit sequences
  • Repeat four word sentence
  • Know his or her last name
  • Know colors and can match colors
  • Understand the concepts of “in”, “under”, and “behind”

Please keep in mind that developmental milestones are a set of skills or tasks that most children can do within a certain age range.  However, every child is unique, so the actual age when a normally developing child reaches each milestone may vary.

However, if your child seems to be behind in these milestones, it is recommended that you pursue a visual development program for your child either through a developmental optometrist in your area or a program to use at home.

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