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Visual Games for the Holidays – Set Game & Doodle Dice


Are you looking for some fun visual games this holiday season? Well, look no further. This month I’ll be recommending some great visual perceptual games that help develop basic skills for visual thinking, such as visual memory, sequencing and patterns, form perception, visual discrimination and visual figure ground. Enjoy!

Set Game – Ages 6 and up; Set Game is a fun and challenging visual discrimination game.  You must find a set using the unique cards with four different attributes; number, symbol, shading, and color.  A set consists of three cards on which every attribute is either the same on all of the cards or different on all of the cards.  No turn taking here, be as fast as you can to get the most number of sets to win.


Doodle Dice – Ages 6 and up; Doodle Dice is a game of luck and strategy.  Create a doodle with a few rolls of the unique dice to match one of the cards.  Be the first to get all six color cards options to win.

Jax Doodle Dice