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Celebrate Freedom from Frustration

July celebrations start with Independence Day—“the 4th of July”.   It is a day to celebrate freedom, the birth of American independence, with festivities including parades, picnics and fireworks.    Freedom can be defined in many ways but a common statement is made by many students who have completed a vision therapy program.  They feel a […]

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Meet Jo: A Vision Therapy Success Story

Jo has been such a fun, energetic and delightful patient to work with. She came into her 1st Vision Therapy appointment frustrated with school, reading, migraines, eye strain, blurriness and overall poor visual system. A few months into her program she suffered a concussion.  Now, at her halfway point of her program she shares with […]

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Brain Injuries and Vision Therapy

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. At MinnesotaVisionTherapyCenter we treat people who have been diagnosed with concussions and those who have had strokes; in both cases injury to the brain has caused problems with their visual function. Concussion awareness has grown rapidly due to media stories including professional athletes in the NFL and NHL.   Many […]


Brain Trauma and Vision Video

Great sixty-second video from COVD showing how brain trauma – including injury, stroke, tumors, etc. – often cause debilitating functional visual problems.