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Celebrate Freedom from Frustration

July celebrations start with Independence Day—“the 4th of July”.   It is a day to celebrate freedom, the birth of American independence, with festivities including parades, picnics and fireworks.    Freedom can be defined in many ways but a common statement is made by many students who have completed a vision therapy program.  They feel a […]

Reflexes Visual Development

To Crawl or Not to Crawl? That is the Question.

How important is crawling on hands and knees to a child’s motor development and learning skills? There is some controversy over whether it plays a role in future cognitive and motor development, with some pediatricians telling concerned mothers not to worry if their child never crawled.  Pediatric physical therapists will tell you that crawling helps […]


The Secret That No One Likes To Talk About … Bedwetting

Owing to the high level of discomfort and embarrassment it causes, bedwetting -“nocturnal enuresis”- is often a well-kept secret that no parents or bedwetting children wish to talk about. However, it is a common problem that affects millions of young children including teens. While bedwetting is attributed to several factors, there is evidence that proves […]